The evolution of weight loss programs

ccdiet healthy eatingMore often than not, when somebody is looking for a weight loss program, there are looking for more than just something to help them get rid of excess weight. With the world (fortunately) people have become more health-conscious, there are also looking for weight loss programs are not just promise great result in the shortest possible time, but also provide them with a new and healthy baseline to start over with as far as actual diet is concerned. Fortunately, there are a lot of progressive programs available out there that can offer just that.

The fat loss factor review is a great example of the evolution of weight loss programs. Although most people would frown upon the master cleanse section of this weight loss program, the rest of it is pretty solid. As far as weight loss programs go, this one is extremely comprehensive an office a lot in the way of information not just on weight loss, but also how to keep track of what you doing as far as diet is concerned as well is exercise, how to stay healthy mentally by eliminating stress as far as possible, teaching people how to set realistic goals that are achievable and offers a grocery shopping guide to teach people how to do proper grocery shopping and avoiding the junk on the shelves. Continue reading

Awesome ideas for weight loss

weightloss ideasIt strange that fifty years ago weight loss was a non-issue. This is because fifty years ago it was not normal for people to be morbidly obese. The same cannot be said for today. Fortunately, obesity and weight loss has become a lucrative multi-million dollar business, which means there are plenty of options for those sick and tired of being overweight and sick and tired.

Most people turned to weight loss programs as the answer to their obesity problem. They are so many programs to choose from, and so many of them are fantastic. Not only helping people to lose weight, but to do it in a healthy and safe manner that also allows them to keep the weight or for life. An example of such program is the cruise control diet. The cruise control diet reviews page gives a lot of formation on how the program works and its effectiveness. But it’s only one of many.

The types of weight loss programs that are easily and readily available online, are the alkaline diet, which is awesome for those who are trying to restore the natural pH balance to their bodies, not just for weight loss, but for health reasons too. The Venus factor and the Adonis golden ratio program is our perfect for both men and woman respectively, meaning that each program is designed specifically for either men (Adonis) or women (Venus). These two programs are designed to help lose weight, get healthy, and look fantastic as well as reshape the physical body to a more aesthetically pleasing one. Then you are programs like Eat Stop Eat and Fasting for Muscle. These programs focus more on fasting as a way of controlling appetite, weight and maintaining goal weight. It is a tried and true method that’s been around for millennia. Continue reading

How our technological world can be dangerously toxic

High Acidic FoodsBecause we live in a world of fast lives and fast food, it’s no real wonder that most people suffer from things like heartburn and acid indigestion on a regular basis. Strangely enough, even though the modern world has progressed technologically and is supposed to make our daily lives easier to handle both at home and at work, which of course is meant to make our daily lives easier both at work and at home, we still find ourselves rushing about in an even more frenzied state, trying to keep up more than ever.

Because of this hectic and fast paced lifestyle, people are more prone to suffer from things like stress-related headaches, low energy, heartburn and acid indigestion and hypertension which can eventually lead to a heart attack or stroke. So in an effort to “normalise” things a little in our lives, we resort to supplements to help boost our energy and mental concentration. We can take things one step further and also inject something like the alkaline diet plan into our daily routine.

While we might be on the right track by adding supplements to our lives in order to get the nutrition and energy boost we need to get through the day, what we eat also contributes to the way we feel. We need to take a step back and away from the convenience foods like McDonald’s or other take outs, and focus more on whole foods and raw food instead. And this is where the alkaline diet plan can certainly help not only cleans our system, but revitalize us in a way that no supplement can. Continue reading

Some helpful tips for men out there

dating advice for menConsidering the technologically advanced age we live in, you would think that almost every guy of dating age would be a little bit more savvy when it comes to women and picking them up or trying to score a date with one of them. It’s a scary thought, but there are guys out there who are still clueless when it comes to women. Which is quite surprising considering that every household has at least one computer and is linked to the Internet today, and that’s not even counting the cell phones which also allow for Internet access. You would think that having access to the Internet would at the very least give these guys a little bit of a helping hand in the dating department, or at least learn something about women. Fact is you’re probably one of them if you’re reading this. So if you’re interested in learning a thing or two about the do’s and don’ts regarding women and dating, then keep reading.

Before we even get into the tips and advice, I have a suggestion; check out a tao of badass review for a little bit of a “pick me up” to get you started by reading what other guys who are just as clueless as you about women had to say about the things they’ve learned from Tao. Then the next thing I would do if I were you is to determine exactly why you seem to repel women as opposed to attracting them. It might actually be something as innocuous as your demeanor or as offensive as your personal hygiene. Continue reading

Great holiday ideas for the summer season

Bettys Bay beachUnbelievably, we are almost at the end of 2014! Everybody is eagerly looking forward to the upcoming holiday season and a well-deserved rest. While the past year has been filled with its fair share of happiness, it is also been filled with a lot of stress and work overload. So to ensure a stress free holiday, why not start planning your holiday now, before all the best hotels and campsites are taken. If you’re a local Capetonian, then you know very well how stunning the Garden Route is during the holiday season, and also how quickly accommodation get snapped up. So if you are indeed planning a Garden Route holiday, start looking for bookings now!

There are so many stunning towns that you can stay in along the Garden Route, and one of the little towns is a place called Wilderness. Wilderness is a very small little town, but it has some of the Garden Routes most exquisite accommodation on offer.

If you are lucky enough to have a really long holiday at the end of the year, then there’s no reason why you have to restrict yourself to just one area of the Western Cape. So while the Garden Route might be a stunning holiday experience in itself, it is by no means the only place way you can have a phenomenal holiday. You might consider looking for holiday accommodation in a stunning little town called Betty’s Bay. It is got to be one of the most picturesque little towns in Cape Town, that is off the beaten path and far from city living. It’s an awesome place to unplug, put your feet up and relax. While the best things about Betty’s Bay is that it is really quiet, so you can really unwind and recharge while enjoying either walks along the beach or just lying in the sun reading a book. Continue reading

How to begin woodworking at home

woodworking for beginnersSo many good tidings can come out of a home workshop. Wood work starts from being just a hobby to becoming an art. A simple woodworker at home can produce craftsmanship work that can last years and can be used by several generations to come. The process of woodworking is not only for crafting stools and tables but also helps in transforming a person. It is amazing how you can build something substantial from simple logs. You do not have to own a huge workshop for you to do some woodwork. So many good artifacts have been produced from woodworking at home. You just have to know the right approach. For step by step plans to follow it might be worth checking out the teds woodworking guide


The design and size of your house determines the amount of space you are going to allocate to your workshop. If you have an unused garage, a basement or attic then you can transform them into your workshop. You just have to ensure you do not store any flammable objects inside. Choose a space that is convenient for everyone living in the house so they don’t get disturbed by the noise you will make. The size of the workshop does not matter at times. Even with a small space, you can adjust your tools and adhere to the environment. Just organize yourself well and you can work with any space you get. After you establish your home workshop then you can have room for expansion. Continue reading

Exercise to add extra height

grow tallerExercise to gain extra inches is possible when it is practiced and completed on a regular basis.  When you learn to exercise and stretch your body following the right exercises and techniques you can increase your height. This is because there are the vertebrae in the back that are capable of lengthening as the cartilage between each vertebra can be expanded. A program that explains a number of different techniques for increasing your height including daily stretching is Grow taller 4 idiots.

One of the easiest and non-cost methods of stretching is simply wall stretching.  To do this stretch you should stand against a firm solid wall and reach up onto your toes whilst reaching up as high as possible.  You could also do this stretch without the use of a wall although you will need to have good balance as using a wall provides the stability you need. The wall stretch can be done easily and ideally 10 or so stretches should be accomplished as the minimum amount to do for the best effect.

Another great method of improving posture and therefore attaining a greater height is through taking a class in Pilates. Pilates is an amazing way that you can stretch and lengthen the whole body. Pilates works on your core muscles and is not difficult or strenuous in any way. Pilates is a great exercise that can be done by anyone at any age. Continue reading

The Advantages of Using a Good Internet Marketing Strategy for a Business

home IM businessInternet marketing is the sum of marketing and advertising efforts made on the internet to generate leads for a business. Usually, online marketing is used in conjunction with classical types of marketing and advertising. It involves the use of the web, email and social media. Any business must have a good strategy to approach the market and an internet marketing strategy is also involved.

Such a strategy can be possible by using a sum of money that will be spent for marketing and advertising purposes. Business owners have to be careful when spending large amounts of money on a campaign, because this activity has to return profit. Spending thousands of dollars is not an issue if the results are positive. Through web marketing, you will have to use websites that deal with affiliate marketing or e-commerce, but also promotional and informative websites, search engines and a method called search engine optimization (SEO). If you looking to learn SEO then you might want to check out the wealthy affiliate system. Continue reading

Easy steps to losing weight and permanently keeping it off

break bad eating habbitsThe weight loss industry has become a massive business. It has to be one of the most researched term on the Internet today as well since we live in a very fat world now. People will buy just about anything in an effort to lose weight that doesn’t involve actually doing what they’re supposed to do. As soon as the packaging reads works best in conjunction with a kilojoules restricted diet and a good workout routine, suddenly the product is not so appealing. They expect that since it was so easy to get fat that should be just as easy to get thin, the expectation of people today. The problem is people will not take responsibility for themselves anymore and at exactly why we are so fat. I think it about time people start taking responsibility for what they put into their mouths and stop complaining about what the bodies look like when they eat rubbish like McDonald’s and other such rubbish. The fact of the matter people is quite simply this; what you put in is what you get out and the exact same thing goes for our bodies and our diets. Continue reading

Fasting and weight loss: does it work

Fasting-For-BodyFasting for muscle has become one of the newest and most popular ways for people to burn off excess fat and tone their bodies or add a little muscle. Some people it might seem like a bit of a drastic way of going about losing weight, but when you tried just about everything there is to try and have seen nothing but failure after failure, then somehow fasting doesn’t seem quite so dramatic. If you really think about it, we diet plans or eating plans are concerned, fasting is not really that far out if you consider what some of these “diets” require you to do. For instance, there is a diet that requires you to eat nothing but soup something ridiculous like six weeks, and then is the one way you eat nothing but chocolate. Now don’t seem to understand how eating nothing but chocolate the supposed to help you lose weight, in fact that sounds ridiculous, not fasting.

Naturally they are going to be a few “rules” when it comes to fasting or the fasting for muscle diet plan, in order for it to be effective, but also in order to keep control. Paramount to any decent endorsed eating or diet plan, is safety for the user must come first. At least as far as for the fasting diet goes, this claim is true.

So essentially the diet plan revolves around fasting for a short period time (obviously), but in a very controlled and safe manner. This will ensure brilliant results in the shortest possible time period, without compromising the health and safety of anybody who’s using the program. It encourages you to eat normal foods, so you won’t have to go out shopping for strange or uncommon foodstuffs that you normally wouldn’t buy. It also encourages you to work out fairly regularly, as any decent weight loss program or plan should do. The entire point of the fasting is to retrain and re-teach your body, and your brain, when to know you are full so you can stop eating. It’s an interesting fact that the major cause of obesity in any country is over eating, and not necessarily excess of take outs. However do not discount for one moment that having take outs too many times a week is going to not have an adverse effect on your body, or your health. Everything in moderation and that includes fast food. However, if I may make one observation here, there are certain types of fast foods that you should avoid at all costs like Macdonald’s, since there is nothing nutritious in a single McDonald’s meal. Continue reading

Improve your feminine curves

boostyourbossomIt’s true that to enhance your body shape and have more feminine curves, that this can be achieved through different easy methods. Mostly your overall body shape has been down to the genetic blueprint that you have inherited from your parents or even grandparents. Just because you have not got the body shape that you desire does not mean that you should not aim to improve your body shape by the different means that you can try. For example if you want to enhance your bust and look at increasing its size then it is possible to gain an enlargement without the need for surgery. Boost your bust is a natural way of increasing your bust size without having any surgery.

Increasing your curves can be down to paying attention to the foods that you are eating. Include in your foods the products containing soy. Soy products contain the phytoestrogens that is the equivalent of estrogen and of course this hormone is known to increase bust size. Foods that contain soy are soy beans, barley and rye and dairy products.

Manganese and bromine are minerals that are said to be able to promote and stimulate the sex hormone in the body particularly in relation to the breast tissue. There is some discussions that eating a selection of bromine and manganese foods can promote and increase the bust size. Foods to eat should be certain fruits and nuts and also seafood, mussels and prawns. Continue reading

Customize your body toward perfection with Adonis Golden Ratio

adonis-workoutThroughout our long history, people have had differing ideas of what defines male beauty.  Back in the caveman days, the man who could bring the most food to the table and find a suitable habitat made the best mate, but in today’s society, men are not forced to work quite so hard as then, and a woman is seeking much more than food and a roof.  It’s also harder to tell whether a man makes a good provider at first glance.  Forwarding in time to the age of reason, artists like Michelangelo and Davinci used a mathematical equation to define absolute perfection within their sculpture and drawings.  For Davinci, it was his Vitruvian man, and for Michelangelo, his statue of David.  It is not the art itself that inspires such beauty, it is the form itself.  It is representative of the optimal state of a man’s body, his health itself.  It has lasted throughout the ages as the pinnacle to achieve both in looks and in practicality for health reasons.

Since nobody is walking around holding a placard with their personality written upon it, it can be hard to accurately judge someone.  People do so through how a person looks, and how they speak within the first 3 minutes of meeting them.  While this may seem unfair, it is really all we have to work with, and it would seem that a woman’s snap judgement in this area tends to be rather accurate.  They are naturally drawn to men with lean bodies like the Adonis Golden Ratio system offers, and interestingly, that body type has been proven to have the highest levels of healthy testosterone as well as the lowest for contracting any sort of disease.  It turns the body into a machine, performing at it’s very best constantly.  Women are able to judge accurately due to their innate ability to seek out the best possible mate to continue her family line.  Ladies magazines like Glamour and Cosmopolitan can back up this claim by showing polls that prove what a woman really wants to see in a man based on his body type.  This ratio wins every single time. Continue reading

KwaZulu-Natal; an awesome holiday in SA

kwazulu-natal-beachfrontThere are hundreds of reasons why people come to SA for visits, holiday or a perfect family or honeymoon holiday. Most come because of Cape Town, and who can blame them?! It is the perfect summer holiday treat for anyone of any age. So much to do and see, in fact so much that it requires more than one trip to see it all! Others come to see the colourful and vibrant night life of Durban. It almost has a carnival feel in the summer (okay, and winter since it’s always warm) and the kids love the rickshaw rides and Ferris wheel and loads of flea markets.

But there is another reason why people love South Africa holidays; KwaZulu-Natal or KZN. The scenery is out of this world! It has it all. Stunning coastlines and breathtaking landscapes and of course, as if it could be over looked, the Drakensburg Mountains. This mountain range is huge is near impenetrable. The name is derived from the Afrikaans name Drakensberge, which literally translates into Dragon Mountains. The Mouantian range we know as the Drakensburg is the name given to the eastern portion of the Great Escarpment. The Zulu name for this mountain translates to the Barrier of Spears, which is quite apt, since that is what it kind of looks like and what protected the Zulus back in the day. It stretches over 1000 kilometres and is 3,482 metres (11,424 ft) at it’s highest point. That is quite impressive.

You can take short hikes through the mountains or even stay overnight on some of the trails. This in itself is quite an experience.

There are 11 official languages and quite naturally, as the name of the region suggests, it is home to the Zulus, but also to many different tribes and ethnic groups. The Zulu are a proud people with a rich heritage. It was built on the military strength that gave the British pause for good reason. The Zulu gave the British a bit of a pounding at Isandlwana. In the past, KZN had a large part of the making of history at the Anglo-Zulu and Anglo-Boer wars alike. The names like Isandlwana, Rorke’s Drift and Spionkop reverbaerate through time and are brought back to life through awesome battlefield guides who will inform you when you are standing on sites, exact spots where very specific events took place. There are accurate records of names and places in that time, to corroborate these claims by the guides. Visit http://WWW.capetours.co.uk/ Continue reading

Eat Stop Eat Review, one stop for fast facts!

intermittent-fastingAnyone who is carrying around extra undesired pounds understands well the societal views that surround them, people who think that anyone overweight subsists on nothing but cakes, candies, chips and sodas.  It is looked down upon, as not a sign of excess, but of self control.  Job opportunities plummet, dating is a no win zone, and even your health has gone foul.  It doesn’t feel good in any variety of ways, and though we have tried to fix it, either we weren’t motivated enough, we didn’t try hard enough, or we didn’t want it badly enough.  We may have used many programs promising weight loss before, and not seen the successes we needed so badly to stick with it.

There is still hope for people who are overweight, and looking to give themselves a completely different lifestyle, vibrantly healthy, virile, and feeling truly alive.  There are programs like Eat Stop Eat available that offer to show you how to transform your body through your diet, except instead of taking everything away, and making you eat differently, this one allows you to eat relatively normally.  The key is when you eat, not what you eat, and the reason why might surprise you.

Throughout our existence on earth, humans have had to adapt to violenty changing environments.  They were nomadic, constantly seeking food and shelter, in equal importance.  Men were chosen as mates as those most able to provide in such trying times, and often did not have long life spans.  Our bodies had to become a perfect machine, balancing the time dedicated to digesting food, and the time when we went without food, to begin boosting things like our immune system and our energy levels.  Thus, humans continued to evolve with our environment to the age of technology.  Though eating times were introduced in the 1800’s as a way to be “proper” they were only breakfast (break-fast) and a luncheon (served with tea, lunch-eon *an age*) meaning that they still intended these meals to break a cycle of fasting.  As time progressed, we also began including supper, and even more recently, the suggestion that we should be snacking between these 3 meals.  Is it any small wonder that our entire society has become overweight?  We were never meant to live this way. Continue reading

How a great diet program can help you achieve a great body

venus-fitness-modelIt is 2014 and if you are one of the 70’s or 80’ kids, you will know what a real woman looked like when walking the runway and graced magazine covers. Then of course there are those fabulous Hollywood beauties. Then there was the 90’s. That was tragic. The runway and magazine models were expected to look like heroin addicts and in fact they named the look “Heroin Chic”. The problem with that is that the girls of the time thought that THAT was what health and beauty looked like. Kids got sick. Some died. The look was abandoned and poo-pooed as bad influence and publicity.

Enter 2000 and suddenly women have curves again and girls want to look like Angelina Jolie, Selma Hayek and Catherine Zeta Jones. These are real women, real beauties. Now girls have role models to look up to and aspire to be just like them, if only in looks and body. And why not? With the right eating plan and workout program, it certainly is do-able, and I know how.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding new diets and celebrity diet plans, but why not try one that won’t make you look like you are a victim of the holocaust and give the Venus factor diet a try? It is designed to give women what they want…the perfect body, but without almost killing them first! It will give you curves and not sharp angles. Continue reading

Magnetic messaging “how to”

guy-texting-girlWhen you consider how much time people spend playing with their cell phones, wouldn’t it make sense to use it to get a date with your phone or flirt with a special girl you are interested in? Don’t you want to know the secret to magnetic messaging? Don’t you want to know how to use it to your advantage too? Sure you do, everyone does, ok every GUY does.

Now you are probably thinking “but I know how to send a text! Who doesn’t?!” and you would be right and wrong. It’s easy to type out a few words on your little phone and hit the send button, but do your texts have anything worthwhile in them? Are they response worthy? Do your texts elicit an immediate response from every girl you text or do they seem to disappear into the black void that seems to eat all unanswered texts? Still think you know how to text a girl and get the best response? No? Ok then, sit down and learn something.

First off you have to understand the nature of the lady you intend in text seducing. You need to know whether or not she likes jokes, and what kind. It’s no good sending her a naughty joke and you get an icy reception. She might not find them funny and be offended. It’s always best to get to know the person you are texting by engaging in an actual conversation with them trough texting. This is the first step. Continue reading

Treating acne naturaly


If you are someone that suffers with acne then you will have to look for a treatment that is going to work and improve your acne or be able to eliminate it altogether. However the worst thing  that you can do is just wait and see what happens and hope that your acne will improve without any effort on your part as this is unlikely to be the situation. More likely, if you do not address the problem of having acne then it can worsen and become less easy to be able to treat. A product called acne no more is a holistic more natural way to treat acne and has shown to have been successful for people that have followed its program this is seen by the overwhelming amount of acne no more reviews online.

One of the main treatments that are widely available for treating acne is over the counter medications. Before you intend to spend your money on these products it is advisable that you think about how you are currently taking care of your whole self, right now. For instance, are you eating a varied healthy nutritious diet filled with essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy inside and outside? Do you drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated on a regular basis. It is important when thinking about the best you can do for your acne and skin appearance that you get the body basics right first. Just by a change in your diet and taking in regular exercise can show up in you, by having a healthier looking skin. If your attention to diet and exercise are lacking then it makes no sense to pay for lotions and creams to apply to acne spots in the belief that they will work.

There are a number of over the counter treatments that are said to be able to treat acne effectively. None of the creams will give you a guarantee that they are going to work as often they do not. As every person’s acne is individual to them you cannot choose a particular type of bespoke acne product as they appear to present as ‘one size fits all’. Continue reading

Tired of being the underdog with women?

underdog-with-womenIf you are one of those guys who has a really hard time talking to women, getting a date with one or even just being around one, then this is for you; the tao of badass pdf review is an unbiased review on a book written by a guy who was a skinny, underwhelming looking guy who sucked at sports of any kind and let a super model looking girlfriend slip through his fingers and use him like her own personal pet monkey slave. Now he is the biggest and baddest ass of them all with women, and the best part is, he can turn it on and off at will. Wanna be like him? Then check out the review mentioned and learn a thing or two from the master.

Okay, so you not THAT bad, and women are not repelled by your face or very presence, yet you still feel shy and inadequate around females. Dude, you are not the only one. Every guy on this planet has gone through it at one stage or another, but has eventually cracked open that shell and joined the fun of chasing chick, being rejected and trying again until they nail one. Maybe not the nicest way of putting it, but be honest here, that’s exactly what you want for now right? Just to nail one. After that you will do the whole “feelings” thing with a ‘special somebody” and have a real relationship, but at least for a little while you wanna practice chasing them and nailing them.

Fair enough. Who can deny any young man this pleasure so here are some ideas on how to get somewhere with the ladies and learn a couple new things to get you started and on your way. Continue reading